A Perfect Example…

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Self Defense
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Over the last few weeks, I witnessed a variety of unsafe gun handling and it spurred me to write a letter to all gun store customers. Essentially, I asked everybody, for the safety of all, not to handle a loaded gun in a gun store. Based on a recent news story, I’m now thinking I need to expand that topic a little bit. If you do not intend or expect to handle your firearm in our store and thus you leave it loaded for the duration of your shopping experience, make sure it’s in a quality holster!! An off-duty cop in Ft. Lauderdale had a negligent discharge from a pocket gun as he was dining near the bar. The shrapnel wounded six people. There are only two  ways I can see that happening. 1. He was not using a holster at all or 2. The gun slipped out of the holster enough to reveal the trigger. Either way, I consider it to be negligence. A quality pocket holster would have solved either problem. Not putting anything else in your carry pocket would also help reduce the chance of something like this happening. Firearms are serious and deadly weapons, we must constantly fight our over-familiarization of them so as to maintain a level of respect that will in turn prevent tragedies.




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