While there are many talking heads blathering on about who “should” or “should not” be allowed to own a gun, this article isn’t about government regulations. This article is designed to help a mature, responsible adult decide if gun-ownership is right for him or her. Many people across this nation are growing ever more concerned about the direction this country is going. This concern is part of the dramatic rise in gun sales over the last few years. However, instead of a knee-jerk, gun-buying reaction, potential gun-owners need to ask themselves some hard questions (Main questions borrowed from Kathy Jackson at before purchasing a firearm for self-defense.

1. Is it Ever Permissible to Kill a Human Being?


Is there any situation in life that makes it OK to kill a person? If you answered Yes, please proceed to Question 2. If you answered No, carrying a lethal weapon of any sort is probably not a good idea for you. Mace is probably a better idea.

2. Are You Willing to Take a Life to Save Your’s or Your Loved One’s?

self-defenseWill you do whatever it takes to live? Are you willing to fight with everything in you to protect yourself or your loved one’s? Are you mentally prepared to pull the trigger and take the life of another? That attacker is somebody’s son, somebody’s father, somebody’s loved one. And the family will grieve upon his death. You must know down deep in yourself that the as soon as an attacker produces a lethal weapon (a gun, knife, bat or fist) he has decided that somebody is going to die. The only variable is the identity of the body. Will your family be grieving a lost brother, sister, wife, mother, father, or grandfather or will his? The attacker decided the possible reward was worth a human life and by that decision he forfeited the value of his life. “Not Me. Not Mine. Not Today.”


Part of the decision to fight back stems from realizing what you would lose if you do not. You might lose: your life, family, health; a fighting spirit; getting married; having children; your family might lose a sister/brother, father/mother, or husband/wife; seeing your child’s first steps; all your dreams and callings; and so much more. What are you willing to fight for?

3. Under What Circumstances is it Permissible to Kill a Human Being?

Rape prevention tipsOnce you have wrestled Questions 1 and 2 to the ground, it’s time for the next soul-piercing question. When do you shoot or not-shoot? When does the situation justify lethal force? The standard answer in Georgia is: if you are in imminent threat of great bodily harm or death you can shoot. But what does that really look like? The situation you face could be one of a myriad of scenarios: it could be a forceful entry in the middle of the night, it could be a group of attackers on the street, or it could a mugger in the parking lot. For other possible scenarios, simply pull up the local news of a major metropolitan area. There is an abundance of examples we can learn from. Due to the inexhaustible list of possible scenarios that evil men create, it is impossible to mentally run through and train for each one. What we can do is pick out some key principles from the crimes and develop a list of personal boundaries that we will not allow the criminal to cross. For example: I will not go with anyone to a second location. The second crime scene is nearly always more gruesome and heinous. Right then, right there is all I’ve got. Better to be shot down in the parking lot than tortured for days in a hidden location. Fight, and fight hard! My second rule is: I will not be tied up. The only reason to tie me up is to make me more vulnerable. My best chances are right then, right there. Odds of getting untied and escaping are slim to none. Criminals want easy victims. Make it as hard as possible on them. Fight back with everything that is in you.


4. What Are the State and Local Laws Regarding Lethal Force?


Make yourself very familiar with your state and locals laws. After you are academically familiar, I recommend you find a local lawyer who deals with lethal force cases and talk with him or her. Should you be involved in a defensive gun use scenario, not knowing what you legally can and cannot do may cause you to freeze up at the most inopportune time. Confidently knowing what you are and are not allowed to do will also make the aftermath less stressful and intimidating.

 Concluding Thoughts

I write all of the above from the natural man’s perspective. However, there is more to life than this natural body and I must add a caveat. As a Christian, I must temper my innate desire and natural-born right to defend my life and liberty with total submission to the Holy Spirit. There are times to fight physically and there are times to fight spiritually. At times He asks us to lay down our lives and other times He asks us to stand right in the face of the enemy. I do not find self-defense to be contrary to the teachings of Jesus, after all He told His disciples to go buy a sword (an illegal weapon, at the time) and spoke of a strongman defending his house from a robber, yet I also see a Christian history full of martyrs. Men and women who did not fight back but laid down their life for Him, as He also did not fight back but laid down His life for us all. My only conclusion is that in this area too, I must be completely governed by His wisdom and love. Besides, He does a much better job protecting me than I ever could.


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